Janatics Air Filter Series F1


1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Filter Series F1 Installation/Operating and Maintenance Instructions.


Since this equipment is used in compressed air line, proper precautions are to be taken for safety.

Installation Instructions.

  1. Install in clean / acid free atmosphere
  2. Before installation of the unit, check wheteher the unit is as per the specification – especially the port size and the corresponding fittings to be used on the unit.
  3. Check for proper fittings to be used on to the cylinder . Use only ( R ) taper thread nipples
    with teflon tape
  4. When using ( G ) parallel thread nipples , use sealing washer and check the length of the
    thread as below
  5. Tighten the pipings / nipples to the cylinder using proper tools. Do not give excess torque for
  6. Align the cylinder for your requirement such that no radial load is applied on the pistion rod.
  7. Ensure correct pressure and flow for proper functioning of the cylinder. Use correct size of
    tubings as required.
  8. Adjust the cushioning needle as per requirement.

Maintenance Instructions
a. Before dismantling the unit , exhaust the air in the cylinder completely.
b. Remove the cylinder assembly from the machine and clean the assembly thoroughly.
c. Test the cylinder for operation using a suitable valve.