Janatics Air Regulator Series R1


Installation / Operating / Maintenance Instructions
Regulator Series R1

Since this equipment is used in compressed air line, proper precautions are to be taken for safety.

Installation Instruction

1. Install in clean / acid free atmosphere.
2. Before installation of the unit, check whether the unit is as per the specification – especially the port size and the corresponding
fittings to be used on the unit.
3. Flush the pipings for dirt, dust, rust and other foreign particles.
4. The arrow mark on the top of the housing indicates the flow direction, Inlet Outlet ( If the unit is connected in the reverse
direction the air will continuously flow through the knob and the setting of the pressure is not possible. )
5. Use proper thread seals for ( R ) taper thread nipple, or face washer for ( G ) parallel thread nipple.
6. Tighten the pipings / nipples to the housing ports using proper tools. Do not give excess torque for tightening.
7. When using ( G ) parallel thread nipples, check the length of the thread
8. Please ensure foreign particles / tape etc., does not enter the valve during assembly.

Operating Instructions

1. To set the Regulator, pull the regulating knob till “Red band” ( Indicator ring ) is visible ( refer figure 1).
2. To increase the pressure turn the regulating knob in clockwise direction ( see the marking on the knob )
3. To reduce the pressure turn the regulating knob in counter clockwise direction
4. Set the pressure always in the ascending manner.
5. Set the pressure within the specified set pressure.

Maintenance Instructions

a. Before dismantling the unit, exhaust the air in the line completely.
b. Dismantle the components and clean them in kerosene and blow with compressed air.
c. Check for damages in the ‘O’ rings ( 14 ), ( 18 ), ( 21 ) and at sealing areas in the valvecone rubber, spherical releiving seating, seating
area of the housing etc.,. Replace if needed. OR clean and reassemble.
d. For assembly of the unit :- Apply recommended grease ( Ordering No: CG001-040 ) on the ‘O’ rings ( 14 ), ( 18 ), ( 21 ) and on the
cylindrical surface of the valvecone ( 16 ), on threads of the adjusting screw ( 8 ), and on bearing washer
( 7 ). Reassemble all the components.