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Janatics Brand One Touch Fittings Male branch tee WP2310650


Elevate Your Pneumatic Systems

Introducing the Janatics One Touch Fittings Male Branch Tee WP2310650, a product meticulously engineered to offer optimal performance in pneumatic applications. With its attractive design and compact size, this fitting is a powerful addition to any industrial or commercial system.

Outstanding Features

360-Degree Adaptability:
The threaded nipples of L, T, and Y fittings offer unprecedented flexibility by allowing the plastic portion to rotate 360 degrees, ensuring ease of installation and adjustment.

Uncompromised Fluid Flow:
Designed with precision, the full area of the inner bore of the tubing is available for fluid flow, ensuring there are no restrictions or losses in your system.

Bubble-Tight Sealing:
Achieve bubble-tight sealing of tubes to minimize leakage and enhance efficiency, making this fitting an indispensable component in any pneumatic application.

Material Compatibility:
Suitable for both Nylon and Polyurethane (PU) tubing, the Janatics One Touch Fittings offer versatility for diverse applications.

Ease of Use

Quick and Simple Connections:
The easy and quick push-in connection of tubes and the equally straightforward removal by pressing the collet cap make it highly user-friendly.

Stainless Steel Collet:
The newly designed stainless steel collet ensures secure tube gripping, significantly enhancing the fitting’s lifespan and reliability.

Teflon Pre-Coated Threads:
With male taper threads pre-coated with Teflon, you can be assured of a maintenance-free experience and long-lasting performance.

Vibration Resistance

The fitting offers superior resistance to vibrations, ensuring the fitment and function of tubes remain unaffected. This is due to the positive gripping of the tube by the collet, a feature that adds to the overall robustness of your pneumatic system.

Summary: A Pinnacle of Engineering

The Janatics One Touch Fittings Male Branch Tee WP2310650 is more than just a component; it’s a solution that promises to revolutionize your pneumatic applications through its unique design, outstanding features, and unparalleled ease of use. Longevity, flexibility, and efficiency are all wrapped up in this compact yet powerful fitting. Make the smart choice for your systems today.

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